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Scegliamo solo laboratori altamente specificati e certificati, presenti nel Territorio Piemontese per la trasformazione agroalimentare dei nostri prodotti, siano essi succhi e polpa di frutta o condimenti e sughi. Siamo orgogliosi delle nostre ricette e seguiamo personalmente tutti i passaggi fino al confezionamento, dove i nostri prodotti vengono sigillati ermeticamente ed etichettati con valori nutrizionali, lotto e scadenza pronti per entrare nelle vostre vite.

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Juices / Succhi

Produced in our specialised and certified laboratories in Piemonte, our juices are crafted from fresh fruit and vegetables that are harvested from our land, 100% natural and made from fresh fruit puree, our juices are sweetened with organic brown sugar and are free from additives. This is where fruit pulp finds its roots.

Foods / sughi e salse

We collect all our vegetables and spices from our greenhouses and use them to produce authentic handmade sauces, like those once made at home by our ancestors. These sauces are an ideal basis for bruschetta, pasta and rice dishes, pizza, and other savoury delights. The quest for taste brings with it a nostalgia for the past and the flavours that once enriched our taste buds and filled our hearts. Think back to childhood and the fragrances of grandma’s cooking. Healthy, authentic, and handcrafted from natural ingredients, our sauces savour the Italian tradition of taste.


We believe in healthy alternatives to fries and sweets. From crunchy snacks for the playground, to tasty treats to munch on during work or for your next Netflix fix, we’ve got all your cravings covered. Get all the energy and rich carbohydrates from an apple with the convenience of being able to easily pack it in your backpack or pocket. Our artisanal apple snacks are made from naturally dried organic Royal Gala apples. Besides being 100% natural and packed with flavour, they’re a great source of nutrients.

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